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Professional Foot Care in Regina

At the Guerin-Stewart Podiatry Clinic, we provide foot care to patients who live in Regina. Whether your pain is the result of a recent injury or the result of diabetes , we’ll do our best to make it possible for you to walk and function more comfortably. We’ll conduct a detailed examination that will let us know the type of therapy we should be administering.

Our level of experience gives us the opportunity to help people of all ages who are looking for some relief from the persistent discomfort in their feet. You can count on us to:

Be flexible with your appointment scheduling

Offer you comprehensive information regarding your condition

Give you the personal care and respect you deserve

Call the Guerin-Stewart Podiatry Clinic if you’re interested in coming to our centre for foot care therapy. We serve residents of Regina and the surrounding communities.

What is Custom Orthotics?

If your feet need special support, correction, or alignment, come to Guerin-Stewart Podiatry Clinic in Regina. We will design custom orthotics , or specially-designed insoles, to perfectly fit your feet. Custom othotics have the ability to reduce pain in many parts of the body, including feet, legs, hips and lower back.

When you come into our office, our podiatrists will evaluate your situation to determine if orthotics is the right treatment for you. Then, we will measure your feet to create the perfect mould for the orthotics.

Custom orthotics is usually provided to correct the following foot ailments and conditions:

Foot pain

Arch and heel pain

Leg and heel pain

Hip or back pain


Hammer toes

Plantar fasciitis

To book your appointment about getting custom orthotics treatment, call our office today.

We keep our office hours flexible in order to accommodate all our patients’ schedules. We have appointment times available Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturday, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM .

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